Saturday, December 20, 2008

One more since I'm on a roll

Now this is not quality video footage and the pace of the music doesn't match the lame attempt at riding and holding the camera still at the same time, but it is a post!! Enjoy 30 seconds of scintillating riding at Schaeffer Farms on the least technical section of the entire trail system.

This one is for you!!

IMG_0016, originally uploaded by bmpskier.
This post is for an apparently lonely high school girl who for some reason has bookmarked a blog of some 45 year old guy who rarely ever posts any updates, so this one is for you. Let's see what kind of awesome exciting stuff have I been up to since last Christmas. Hmm..... well a lot of stuff like the pic above, chasing other old guys around in tight shorts attempting to pass them and coming up short. So that was good. Hmm... what else, what else, my older daughter, Allison?, seems to be find me tolerable again, which is good. You might know her, I believe she is the one on the left and I believe the lonely high school bookmarker is in this pic as well.

Had a nice summer vacation. As you can see, my other daughter, who shall remain nameless is quite talented at drawing w/ glow sticks.

Went to the Rennaisance Festival to see the weirdness of that whole scene. Where do they find these people. This woman told me she has over 20 of those lovely face mask and she wears them around town. Seriously!! I dare you to have your Mom walk through the Mall wearing one of these for an hour w/ you. If you can actually do it, I'll give you some cold hard cash.

While I do live the life of a rock star, or at least a mini Paris Hilton, I'll keep the rest of my year secret since it will be published shortly in US magazine. Look for the pics of me and Nick Jonas attending the opening of Twilight together. We shared promise rings and popcorn, it was epic.