Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Know It's Illegal.... actually beat someone's ass, but if you have a good reason, is it OK? Here is a pic of my brother doing what you do on a bike, having fun. Yes, he is acting stupid, riding shirtless, w/ a helmet in the snow, but that's what a bike is for, having fun. Tonight my bike ride ended on a very unfun note. As I was riding back home on MacArthur up to the light by Brookmont some idiotic teenagers started yelling at me to get off the road and get on the sidewalk, of course my first thought is always if the name of something has the word "walk" in it, maybe I shouldn't "ride" on it, but I I politely told the kid to F Off! and of course they speed away laughing. As fate would have it they are stopped at the light as I reach the top of the hill. I politely ask the kid if he would like to step out of the car so I can beat his ass and he proceeds to whip a carton of McDonald's fries at me, with my cat like reflexes I ducked the fries and went to grab the kid in the car. Well that didn't go over very well and they sped off, which of course only made me more angry. I should have gotten the tag or done something more "adult" like ignore them, but I didn't, and of course was angry the rest of the way home. Nice way to ruin what was supposed to be a fun mellow ride.

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gwadzilla said...

a wise man once told me

"car is best weapon"

he was a forth degree black belt