Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Old Skate Pics

Well being a very non-regular poster I was motivated by Joel's pics of old skate photos from back in the day, for me the late 70's. I went in search of a bunch of pictures from the Crofton Skate Park, Harry's Backyard, drain shots and I could only find this picture. This a really early shot, I'm guessing '76 or so, probably 7th grade on the ramp Harry and I built from wood we stole from the local construction site by WMAL towers. We eventually added about 2 feet of vertical to this with some stolen coping as well along with a sweet tape player nailed to the tree to play all our favorite songs. Biggest air always during "Slow Ride" from Foghat. This tandem shot is not so rad, but hey it's a pic and a blog entry. If I can track down some more pics I'll post for anyone who cares. I have a sweet hand plant shot from Crofton if I can find it.


gwadzilla said...

I never realized how much I really missed out on that whole skate thing

I was a sidewalk surfer at best

and I spent more time riding the second wave in the 80's than the first wave in the 70's

partially due to my parent's lack of support to the notion of skateboarding

they never bought us a skateboard
so we were forced to ride whatever people were kind enough to pass down to us

Mike said...

my dad hated skateboarding as my brother and i ended up in various hospitals with broken bones, so we skated on the dl a lot.

Scott said...

You sound like an old neighbor of mine. You didn't happen to live on Bulls Run Pkwy as a kid did ya?

Mike said...

yeah, i did live on bulls run. is this scott who lived behind us? w/ your mom?